News: Network Outage and Holiday Clash

It's often apparent that no matter how much planning and contingency is put in place, there can always be a spanner found in the works!

During the last fortnight, myself (Benji), has been out of the country for my annual getaway (this year, Tunisia) and had passed support details to Jono to deal with things in my absence.

I had however failed to give him the relevant information to update the website to keep people abreast of things, in the incredibly unlikely event of a problem.

Typically, despite no problems throughout the year, a problem occurs during my only 2 week time away!

A router failure at the Service Provider caused an outage to the server of approximately 4 and a half hours. The Service Provider are awaiting contact from Cisco to explain why they themselves failed to spot or fix the problem in the usual support timeframe, and why traffic didn't automatically failover to the secondary router.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused during this temporary outage.

Rest assured that the problems appears to be fixed and I'm now back in the country and able to deal with any support requests.